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"In the world of assets only knowledge multiplies itself at every addition and almost never diminishes!"
- Sagar Jain, Co-founder GRN Research Pvt. Ltd.

We at Global Research Nest (GRN), understand the importance of the asset of knowledge and we help you build your knowledge base at an exponential rate. We are a leading provider of market research reports, analysis, and forecasts for companies across the globe.

We understand the importance of time and essential market information for any organization. Thus, we provide most up-to-date, exhaustive, and well curated reports, market news, and expert insights on global industries, organizations, products, and trends. That too on a daily basis!

Finding authentic and wholesome information is a daunting task when you have to sift through megatons of information available online. We make this task simpler for you by helping you refine the search criteria, making wide range of research reports available, and helping you review the scope and methodology of reports.

Our offerings encompasses researches from almost every market category and sub-category from both regional and global publishers. Our dedicated team of Research Specialists are abreast with the latest industry trends, new products, and researches that are carried out by our research partners or elsewhere. Our team not only helps you in finding the accurate information you are looking for, but also connects you with the concerned research team to get the answers for the report of your interest.

We also offer Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) business reports as custom exploring agreeing your particular needs.

Market Research Nest (MRN) is one of our offerings. It is an exclusive market place for all market research reports, market news, analysis, forecasts, and trends.

What makes us different?
Offerings from almost every market category and sub-category
Dedicated Research Specialist and Sales team support to facilitate your purchase decision
One stop solution for all your marker insight needs

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Our team is spearheaded by industry experts who provide . The dedicated team of GRN Research Specialists are

Kashinath Revankar
Co-founder & Director
Nikhil Kasrung
Co-founder & Director
Sagar G.(Jain)
Co-founder & Director
Shweta Diwane
Co-founder & Director


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